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The Kimberley Golf Club, by virtue of its founding date 3rd July 1890, is rich in history, not only of its own, but also in the broader sense of the game in this country.

A humble beginning in the halcyon days of the Diamond Fields – the greens began as sand putting browns, followed by diamondiferous blue ground, mats served for tees and dynamite was employed to blast the stones on the fairways (among many other oddities) – has finally evolved through to the current Bob Grimsdell designed parkland layout that boasts Elliot grass tee to green, which, in itself is also an oddity.

The course today has two distinct faces, a green summer look that has the ball holding, and a frosted winter white look that has the ball rolling. Whichever the face the course remains particularly player friendly.

Of course the 19th hole is more consistent, inviting a warm welcome throughout the year. And, this can be ably testified by the 600 golfers who annually partake in the Barney Barnato “Festival of Golf, Ribald and Revelry” held every October.

Despite being situated in the middle of South Africa, Kimberley remains somewhat isolated. Visiting golfers, therefore, are most appreciated.

In addition the Club has two new neighbours, Sun International’s Flamingo Casino and the Kimberley Road Lodge. They naturally ensure added entertainment and easily accessible accommodation.

As was astutely observed by Phillip Galgut of the Compleat Golfer “The only disappointment which this august club could possibly be accused of setting before members and visitors is the fact that although this is Kimberley, the holes aren’t any bigger”.


Welcome to Kimberley Golf Club – home to some of the most historic and prestigious golf tournaments in the region. Our courses have seen some of the best players in the world compete. Whether you are an avid golfer looking to compete or just want to watch some of the best players compete in a beautiful location, Kimberley Golf Club has everything you need to enjoy a great tournament. We take pride in the quality of our courses and the service we provide, and we’re committed to ensuring your experience is unforgettable.




Won his first pro tournament, the Spoornet SA Classic here in 1990. This was the same year that THE BARNEY BARNATO the annual nine night, eight day Festival of Golf, RIBALD & REVELRY
was founded; as was THE FREDDIE TAIT GOLF MUSEUM,
the first of its kind in South Africa, for that year was the CLUB’S CENTENARY YEAR..



Rich in history it was here that the first CHAMPIONSHIP FOR SOUTH AFRICA (1893was held; that CECIL JOHN RHODES (1897) donated his Challenge Cup; that DIAMONDIFEROUS TAILINGS (1900) were used as a putting surface medium; that JAW PRENTICE (1913) became the first player to win both the SA Amateur and SA Open, that JH TAYLOR (1936) presented FG Tait’s putter to the club; that ROBERT GRIMSDELL’S (1960)new grass course was opened; that TONY JACKLIN (1964) won his first Pro Tournament; that DES TERBLANCHE (1983) as a young Club Member won the WORLD JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS ;that in 1992 at the SA Interprovincial the various golfing bodies in the country amalgamated to form the SOUTH AFRICAN GOLF FEDERATION (renamed SA Golf Association) and here that the FREDDIE TAIT GOLF WEEK was inaugurated in February 2000.

At Kimberley Golf Club, we have a team of dedicated professionals who strive to provide the best possible experience for our members and guests. Our team includes experienced golfers and industry experts who work together to ensure the success of our club.
Management Team

General Manager

Ronald Engelbrecht

Operations Manager

Melvin Geldenhuys

Financial Manager

Elsje Louw

Catering Supervisor

Sisonke Tindleni


Andries Kori

053 841 0179

Executive Committee

Club Captain


Cedric Vd Ross
Oban Cronje

Club President

Michael Doherty

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